Chattanooga State Cookoff

Thursday, September 02, 2021
11:45 am
CBIH Building

ROME (Real Opportunities for Mentoring Experiences) Culinary

The first Chattanooga State Cookoff event featuring the culinary talents of students in the ROME in Culinary program will take place September 2, 2021 at 11:45am

The event will occur in the Michael P. Hennen Culinary Center in the CBIH Building at the Main Campus of Chattanooga State Community College.

ROME (Real Opportunities for Mentoring Experiences) Culinary offers neurodiverse student the opportunity to audit culinary classes while being mentored by neurotypical culinary students. The mentors and mentees are learning from each other as the mentees are getting acclimated to college life and learning valuable culinary skills. After the mentees have completed four classes, they will receive a skills report card that will show potential future employers what has been mastered.    

The structured and purposeful friendships that will develop in this mentoring experience will allow mentees and mentors to develop deeper roots within the college.