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COVID-19 Task Force & Planning Committee

Dr. Rebecca Ashford - President, Chattanooga State

Debbie Adams - Vice President, Student Affairs

Dr. Jim Barrott - Executive Vice President, Technical College

Christopher Lykins, - Interim Director of Marketing & Communications

Guy Davis - Executive Director of Plant Operations

Bo Drake - Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development

Brian Evans - Executive Director, Human Resources

Dr. Martina Harris - Assistant Dean of Nursing & Allied Health/Nursing Program Director, Hamilton County/Chattanooga COVID-19 Joint Taskforce

Quincy Jenkins - Executive Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Gardner Long - Vice President, Technology Division

Dr. Beth Norton - Vice President, Academic Affairs

Nancy Patterson - Vice President, College Advancement and Public Relations

Sandy Rutter - Dean of Students

Tammy Swenson - Executive Vice President, Business and Finance

Dr. Traci Williams - Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning