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Is it required to complete the daily health screening self-assessment?

Yes. No one will be allowed access to campus without a pass for that specific day.  Individuals who have not completed the self-assessment before coming to campus will be directed to the screening stations located in the athletic field parking lot to complete the screening self-assessment. Anyone who does not meet the criteria of the screening will not be allowed access to campus.

Why is 100.4 the temperature threshold?

The Hamilton County Health Department recognizes a fever of 100.4 as the recommended temperature at which an individual would be administered COVID-19 testing.

Can I appeal if I am denied entry to campus based on my answers to the questionnaire?

Yes. If you have questions or would like to appeal your campus status, please contact the appropriate individual based on your status. 

  • Students contact the Dean of Students Office at (423) 697-4475 or (423) 994-5500.
  • Employees contact the Department of Human Resources at (423) 697-4458.
  • Visitors contact the Vice President, College Advancement & Public Relations at (423) 697-2630.
  • EWD Students/Contract Instructors contact EWD Lead Program Manager at 423-697-3330
Are masks required this fall? 
Yes. All individuals will be required to wear a face mask when on Chattanooga State’s campus or at any instructional sites. A student who is unable to wear a mask due to a physical or mental health disability can request an accommodation through the Disability Support Services office. Call to schedule an initial appointment with DSS at 423-697-4452. Employees can submit an exception request through the Office of Human Resources. Watch this video for additional information.
What kind of mask am I required to wear?

Either a cloth or surgical mask can be worn.

What do I do if I see someone who is not wearing a mask near me?

Politely remind the individual of the requirement for a face covering or mask and direct them to the appropriate location on campus to acquire a mask. Should an individual persist in not adhering to the Face Mask Policy while on Campus, student violations are to be reported to the Dean of Students and Employee violations will be reported to the Executive Director of Human Resources.

Where can I get a mask on campus?

Students and employees are eligible to receive two (2) re-usable masks which can be picked-up at the following locations

  • Amnicola Campus – Campus Police guard house
  • Dayton Site - Administrative Office
  • Kimball Site - Administrative Office
Do I have to wear a mask when I am outside?

When two or more individuals are within 6-feet of each other, whether inside or outside, a mask must be worn. However, if you are alone while outside, a face mask does not have to be worn.

What if a mask interferes with other safety equipment that I am required to wear?

Students may be granted an exception to the mask requirement if wearing a mask poses a safety concern or interferes with the safety equipment required for their classwork. This exception would only apply when the task in question was being performed. Your instructor will inform you when it is appropriate to not wear a mask.

What is the Chattanooga State Safe Community Pledge? 

All Chattanooga State students and employees play an integral part in mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Taking responsibility for your own health and adhering to all campus protocols and procedures can help stop the spread of COVID-19. As such, we ask each individual of our Chattanooga State community to take the Safe Community Pledge. You can read the Chattanooga State Safe Community Pledge here.

Will space be available on campus to take my virtual class if a student has both hybrid and virtual classes or if a student doesn’t have access to technology? 

Yes. The following options will be available during the fall semester:

  • The library will be open and computers will be available for homework and online/virtual class attendance. Group study spaces, individual study spaces, and classrooms will not be open. Library access is by appointment only. Click here for more information.
  • Engineering and IT students will have access to Rooms 215 and 216 in the Wacker Institute on a first come, first served basis.
  • TCAT students will have access to TCAT 60 and TCAT 38 computer labs. Please note, these labs may be closed for testing purposes a few times per week. You should confirm hours of operation with your TCAT instructors.
  • Additional space may be made available as the need arises.
What do I need to do on the first day for virtual classes since I will not be going to campus to take the class?

For virtual classes, at your scheduled class date and time, log-in to eLearn to join your class. The eLearn portal will be open prior to the first day of classes to allow time for you to familiarize yourself with the log-in process. Additional information about eLearn, as well as TN eCampus, can be found here.

Is the bookstore open?

Yes. The bookstore is open daily from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. The bookstore will be observing all recommended health guidelines, and a mask is required. Click here for additional information.

Will I be able to borrow a laptop or digital device this fall like I was able to do in the spring?

Yes. Complete the Technology Request form available here. A limited number of devices are available for check out.  Devices will be assigned on a first request, first served basis. A valid Chattanooga State student ID is required to request a device. This is a loaned device and must be returned at the end of the semester.