Transportation Management

This is a certificate program for personnel employed in the over-the-road transportation industry, as well as warehouse operations related to the transportation industry. The curriculum is designed to help students understand and apply the basics of good business practice and service in dealing with their own company and its clients, and provide tools necessary for successful operation.

Admission Requirements

High school diploma or GED.

Completion Requirements

A grade of "C" or better is required in each course.

Requirements for the Transportation Management Certificate
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
MG 101 Ethics in the Workplace 1
MG 103 Introduction to Business 3
MG 114 Principles of Management 3
MG 285 Organizational Behavior 3
HZ 200 Hazardous Material Technician Certification 2
MG 244 Introduction to Transporation Management 3
  Total 15
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