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Use Statistics to Improve Your Process.

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Our goal is to help you improve your understanding of statistical methods and to help you make effective data-driven decisions through statistical thinking, and enhancing your use of data to improve your process.

Training Available

Basic Statistics

Basic statistical concepts and tools will be presented and examples used to illustrate application of techniques. This course is designed to be a first-course introduction of statistics to anyone who has never had a statistics course (or who had a statistics course but wants a refresher).

Basic Statistics without Crunching Numbers

Minitab software will be used as a teaching tool to present statistical analysis techniques. The benefits of statistical analysis will be covered. Participants will learn how to get the most information from a set of data, get tips on data presentation, and learn how to avoid being manipulated by statistics. There will be an emphasis on practical application of the techniques presented.

Statistical Process Control (SPC): The Basics

SPC concepts and tools (including statistical thinking, control charts, pare to charts, flow charts, capability studies, histograms, etc.) will be presented. Examples will be used to illustrate when SPC tools are appropriate and how to apply them to current issues in your organization. This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn the full range of basic SPC tools.

Statistical Process Control (SPC): Key Concepts

Key SPC concepts and tools (control charts, pare to charts, flow charts, capability studies, and descriptive statistics) will be presented. Examples will be used to illustrate when key SPC tools are appropriate and how to apply them to current issues in your organization. A brief overview of other SPC tools will be presented to give participants full awareness of the variety of SPC techniques being used by organizations today.

Quality Improvement: Where to Begin?

Ideas and topics for starting a quality improvement effort or meeting current quality challenges will be offered by instructor and possibly supplemented by experience of other participants. This course is designed for any manager or executive who is thinking of starting a quality improvement effort. It could also be helpful to anyone in management who is currently involved with a quality system and would just like to hear a new viewpoint on how to make improvements.

Minitab Software Training

This four-day class is tailored for manufacturing, service, or health care employees to help become familiar with and navigate Minitab to create, manipulate, and construct data. Participants should have taken basic statistics. Class is divided into four topics--one per day:

  • Introduction to MINITAB Enhance your ability to use the program and develop sound statistical approaches to data analysis.
  • Basic Statistics Increase your foundation of concepts such as hypothesis testing and confidence intervals by developing your graphical analysis skills.
  • Statistical Quality Analysis Develop the necessary skills to successfully evaluate and certify your processes relative to internal and customer specifications.
  • Factorial Designs By using the Design of Experiments (DOE) interface, learn to generate a variety of full and fractional factorial designs.
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