Types of Training

We Specialize in Customized Training for Our Industry Partners Training a workforce is essential to business success. But where do you start? Knowing where your workforce strengths and weaknesses lie is critical to the success of the training program that you choose. Chattanooga State provides the assessment tools needed to evaluate your workforce and help create programs to effectively train your workforce and maximize your efficiency.

Customized Training

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of your organization's perceptions of the situation(s)
  • Assess needs for improvements
  • Identify issues and skill gaps
  • Locate and screen experienced, credentialed subject matter experts as potential instructors
  • Propose the most cost and time effective solution
  • Implement the customized training once your organization approves the proposal of content and instructor(s).

Corporate Training

Chattanooga State has the capability of providing a wide array of training to a wide range of industries. US Express, Wrigley Company, EPB, La-Z-Boy, Alstom Power, and Hamilton County are just some of the customers we are currently partnering with. Take part in one of our existing programs, or consult with us to create customized training to fit your organization's specific needs.

Productivity & Quality

Productivity Chart

Our team of instructors bring many years of experience in the manufacturing and business world to help develop and guide your company to meet its quality needs.

We provide classes and training to help you start analyzing operations, solving problems, and implementing management systems to make your company more competitive in the global economy.

Spanish for the Workplace

Chattanooga State provides classes aimed at improving communication within the workplace.

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