Corporate Training Videos



"The support that Chattanooga State has given Alstom, has basically taken us where we are today. The cultural training, the technical support that they provided our engineers has brought us to a state-of-the art facility now supplying both in America, in Tennessee and worldwide."


Dale L. Buchanan & Associates

"Dale Buchanan & Associates partnered with Chattanooga State Corporate Training to help increase our customer service and professionalism. The classes equipped our employees with the confidence and communication skills needed to better serve our clients."

Citizens Bank

Citizens State Bank

"Citizens State Bank partnered with Chattanooga State so that our employees could be better prepared to meet our company's mission statement. The leadership classes enhanced our employees's leadership skill set, so they can deliver on our mission."



"Roadtec is happy to partner with Chattanooga State. Over the course of the years, the training and the expertise of the instructors has been impeccable. It helps toward our finished product, it's helped to the bottom line."

East Tech

East Tech Co.

"East Tech uses the latest CNC machining technology for our customers' requirements. We rely on Chattanooga State for employee training in areas like welding, OSHA, safety and leadership."

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