Bridges to Success (BTS)

Bridges to Success

Bridges to Success (BTS) is an initiative that builds the capacity of local networks such as “Chattanooga State Community College (ChSCC) Cultural Ambassadors and International Achievers” to support the civic, linguistic and economic integration of local immigrants. It also fosters cooperation and mutual understanding among varied newcomer groups and receiving communities.

BTS will strengthen and expand adult education program at ChattState by:

  1. Improving immigrants’ access to effective and innovative English language programs
  2. Supporting immigrants on the path to citizenship
  3. Supporting immigrant’s career development through training and education.

BTS relies on community partnerships to achieve our goals focus on immigrant integration.

Bridges to Success & Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) for the City of Chattanooga

The program is a partnership between Chattanooga State Community College Office of International Community Outreach and the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and is based on the past ten months of partnership between the OMA and ChSCC Office of International Community Outreach. Bridges to Success will work closely with community partners coordinating effort and assisting with immigrant integration into US society for 75 newcomers.