Paralegal Club

Club Advisor: 
Paul Ray
(423) 697-5587

The Paralegal club promotes professionalism in its major. The club sponsors speaker events that include judges, local attorneys and members of the Tennessee Paralegal Association, Southeast Chapter. The Paralegal Club is the most active student organization with the campus SGA (Student Government Association). 

Media Club

Club Advisor: 
Chris Willis
(423) 697-3151

The Media Club is an organization for Chattanooga State Media Technology students and other students to be involved in campus activities through media. Our mission is to provide opportunities to learn about the media, to educate others through media, to help our campus and community utilize all forms of media (Television, Radio, Film, Internet, Print, and Social Media), and to have fun. Membership is open to any student of any major. We are involved in local film and television productions, the Broad Street Film Festival each Spring, and various projects throughout the year. 

Business Club

Club Advisor: 
Ed Southeard
(423) 697-4754

The Business Club goals are to prepare students for the real world challenges and allowing them to become better leaders through community involvement in teaching and offering services while being better informed in the environment of business. The objective of the organization is to better develop his/her talents by demonstrating leadership skills, effectively build community relationships, and build confidence in the lives of students. With this, students are provided resources and tools to enhance his/her problem solving skills, analytical skills, societal, and cultural awareness. 

Accounting Club

Club Advisor: 
Bill Shifflett
(423) 697-2540

The Accounting Club is designed for accounting technology majors, accounting transfer students, and anyone taking an accounting class. However, we welcome all students. Our concentration is on interaction with the professional accounting community through guest speakers, visits to accounting departments and firms, and involvement in professional accounting organizations. Please contact Bill Shifflett at 697-2540 for more information.