Tigers vs Lookouts Exhibition Games

13 Years of Friendly Competition

For the past 13 years, Chattanooga State has developed a substantial and rewarding relationship with the Chattanooga Lookouts. It began in 2005 when head coach Greg Dennis and former assistant coach Robert Long were tossing around ideas and thought about how “cool” it would be for the Tigers to play the Lookouts in an exhibition game. Following discussions with Lookouts owner Frank Burke, an agreement was reached and the annual exhibition game was born.

The Tigers vs. Lookouts Exhibition Game became an instant hallmark tradition of the baseball program and has supplied countless hours of “good times” for the past decade to thousands of fans. Through the years the team players and coaches have been treated like friends and always welcomed with open arms. The Tigers value their relationship with the Lookouts and each year look forward to making new friends and enjoying good times.