P-16 Partnerships

What is P-16?

P-16 is the term for a student-focused, comprehensive and integrated system that links all education levels from preschool (P) through the senior year of college (16). It is a powerful framework for policymakers to use to improve teaching and learning and thus better prepare students for living, learning and working in a changing world.

What is a P-16 Council?

A local P-16 Council, organized to identify challenges facing a community in education, economic and workforce development needs based on data, aligns community leaders, organizations, programs and projects.

Southeast P-16 Goals

  • Promote public awareness of the link between an educated citizenry and a healthy economy
  • Increase education attainment level for all students
  • Organize leaders to address the education and workforce development issues in their community, region and state

Southeast P-16 Council Contact
Kim McCormick
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs