K-12 Educators

Professional Development for K-12 Educators

In accordance with the standards set forth by the National Staff Development Council, Chattanooga State offers an effective program for embedded professional opportunities for Local Education Agencies throughout Tennessee and the country grounded in scientifically-based research to increase student achievement. The college has long partnered with the local public school system (Hamilton County Department of Education) and other systems across the nation. Chattanooga State offers on-site, off-site, and technology-based professional development opportunities and professional learning community development/ promotion in the following subject areas:


The college's math department faculty has been on the forefront nationally of math redesign curriculum that benefits K -12. As a key member of the Bellwether Math Redesign Consortium spanning five states, a wealth of data has been collected showing the program's effectiveness. Faculty from Chattanooga State has worked extensively in embedding this into the LEA and providing professional development opportunities across the nation on the program's implementation.


The college has been hosting the Science Olympiad locally for more than 15 years. An integral part of the program's success is the partnership with regional middle and high school teachers regarding the standards-based challenges of the competition and the alignment with National Science Education Standards. The college has acted as the catalyst and key facilitator of this ongoing professional learning community in accordance with standards given by the National Science Teachers Association.

Research Methodology for Education Professionals

A unique offering for your LEA is the integration of research classes into the professional development opportunities. It is paramount that teachers, principals, and LEA administrators have the skills to find and evaluate recent research about best educational practices and how those practices can be implemented into classrooms.

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