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Baroness Erlanger School of Practical Nursing

Students receive both the theoretical knowledge and clinical practice experiences needed to give competent, safe bedside nursing care at the practical nursing level. Class size is limited and students are admitted based on a point system.

Day and night time classes are available. There are two full-time, day classes of students accepted per year. The first class begins in January, and the other class begins in August. In addition, a part-time evening class is accepted every eighteen months. Contact the Practical Nursing office at 423-697-4447 for information on when applicants can apply for next available part-time class.

Upon completion of the Practical Nursing program, students are eligible to take the license exam for the Tennessee State Board of Nursing.

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Program Packet

The program packet contains job expectations, expected earnings, cost, tools, books, curriculum, schedule as well as enrollment and financial aid information.

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Scholarship Information

Scholarship information provides details about scholarships available in your chosen area of study and the eligibility requirements to be awarded one of them.

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