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Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs The Veterans Affairs Office is a resource center that provides individualized assistance with the process of completing and filing the appropriate forms so you can access your educational benefits. You can contact the School Certifying Official (SCO) either by calling or visiting the Veterans Affairs Office.

View VA brochure for detailed information.

Steps to Apply

As you apply to Chattanooga State, please contact the School Certifying Official (SCO) in the Veterans Affairs Office, located in the Student Enrollment Center. The SCO will be able to assist with Veterans Affairs process. Once the admission and veteran affairs process have been completed submit a copy of both your schedule and academic plan to the SCO to complete the certifying process. The SCO will confirm your course schedule to secure your seat in the classes for which you have registered. View Chattanooga State steps to apply

Veteran Student Responsibilities to:

Veterans Administration (VA)

  • Complete and submit educational benefits application
  • Submit important documents
  • Contact VA if your information changes
  • Immediate attention to all VA correspondence is required

Chattanooga State SCO

  • Provide copies of VA application and important documents
  • Report any change in enrollment. Failure to attend classes can affect educational benefits
  • Notify SCO of any changes relative to your course schedule

View more detailed information in the VA brochure

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