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Adult Education/HSE (High School Equivalency)

Adult Education/GED

The Chattanooga State Adult Education Department provides learner-centered educational opportunities that are designed to:

  • Improve basic educational skills
  • Enhance career opportunities through college enrollment
  • Increase workforce literacy skills
  • Enrich the life skills of the people we serve

Classroom instruction focuses on individual needs through traditional and innovative methods of delivery. In the adult education program, everyone is recognized as a valuable participant in a community of learners where all members support and encourage each other to achieve their educational goals. Chattanooga State honors the diversity of our students, our instructors, and our community.

Types of Programs Offered

  • Adult Basic Education (ABE) Classes teaching basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • HSE Preparation Classes for the HiSET® and GED® tests
  • Official HSE Practice Test to qualify for the HiSET® exam
  • English as a Second Language classes with focus on English Literacy and Civics

Class Information

Most classes are offered at both the Chattanooga State East Campus and at the St. Andrew's Center site, with morning and evening schedules available.  Classes are also offered at several other sites around Hamilton County.

  • Completion of a 12-hour Assessment/Orientation process is required for enrollment in the ABE/HSE program. Completion of a 3-hour Assessment/Orientation session is required for enrollment in the ESL program.
  • Prospective students may complete the Assessment/Orientation process at the Chattanooga State East Campus or at the St. Andrews site for any of our ABE or HSE classes.
  • ESL Assessment/Orientation is available at both the East Campus and St. Andrew's sites.
  • Students will be assigned to an appropriate class upon completion of the Assessment/Orientation process.


Adult Education/GEDABE/HSE Registration To begin the enrollment process call the Adult Education office at East Campus at 423-697-2529 or St. Andrews at 423-643-0108 for information about starting dates and times for the  Assessment/Orientation process.
ESL Registration To get started in the ESL program, call the Adult Education office at  East Campus at 423-697-2529 or St. Andrews at 423-643-0108 for information and an appointment for an Assessment/Orientation session.

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