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Job Search

Get the latest job-search advice, Resume help, interview tips and more from our Career Services and Counseling Center. See Job Choices, now available in digital format, so you can access from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet!

Internship & Cooperative Education

An internship provides students with experience that is specifically related to their career objective. In addition, internships allow students working in their field of study to earn credit hours. An internship can greatly increase a student's marketability upon graduation. To qualify, a student must be a sophomore with a 2.5 GPA or greater. Permission of the instructor is also required.

Graduate Employment

We highly encourage all graduates to complete a Placement Survey when they complete studies in their career program, and obtain a job in their field of study.

Employer Services

A vital link between Chattanooga State and the business community. Students and alumni are connected with employers through job placement services for Full or part-time work and internships through the Cooperative Education Program.

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