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Federal Work Study Program

Student Employment Guide

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program is a federal need-based financial aid program designed to provide part-time employment to eligible students in positions both on and off campus. Off-campus positions are located in community service related organizations that are pre-approved through the Financial Aid Office. The FWS program has limited funds and is a first-come, first-serve program. At the beginning of every aid year, positions will become available by July 1st, students will need to view open positions and contact the supervisor for an interview. If you are selected, the supervisor will contact the Financial Aid Office for approval and submit a student employment contract to your Chattanooga State email for you to electronically sign. Returning FWS students must contact their current supervisor if they are seeking a position within their office for the upcoming school year. That supervisor will determine job vacancies in their area and communicate with the Financial Aid Office in regards to student eligibility. If chosen and eligible, students will be notified via TigerWeb and would be required to complete an updated student employment contract.

Department Supervisor Department Contact Positions Position Description Status
B.O.S.S Mentoring Program Boyd Copeland 697-3276 2

Perform clerical/other functions for the B.O.S.S Office.

Career Services and Counseling Cindy Lyon 697-2598 5

Perform clerical/other functions for the Career Services & Counseling 

Chemistry Jane Bustabad 697-2501 2

Perform chemistry lab work for the Chemistry Department

Child Development Center Vicki Headrick 697-4412 12

Teacher Assistant in the Reading Center

Educational Outreach Programs & Retention (WIA/TAA) Kathryn Bissell 697-2435 1

Answer phones, use Microsoft Access, Excel, & Word, help students. (Need student to work 2pm - 4:30 if possible).

Educational Planning Libby Cecchetti 697-3396 2

Good clerical and people skills. Need to work on Monday-Friday mornings and afternoons.\r\nMust be familiar with TigerWeb and class registration.

Engineering Lila Hale 697-4434 1

Need a student to work on Saturday to monitor computer lab for 6 hours, 8 am - 1 pm or 9 am - 2 pm. *Engineering student if possible.

Enrollment Service Center Kisha Caldwell 697-2689 12

Student Ambassador. Assist with orientation and many other student related activities. Work in Tiger Express Lab to assist students with applications, registrations, FAFSA and related documents, Tiger Web, Tiger Mail, Tiger Alert, and various other inquiries. Student requirements: personable, self starter, computer skills, professional, aspire to assist others, willing to learn, punctual, dependable, provide service excellence.

Financial Aid Bonnie Womack 697-4717 1

Perform clerical/other functions for the Financial Aid Office   

Food Services Greg Schuck 697-4748 3

Snack bar counter help / dishwasher   



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