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Social & Behavioral Sciences

Secondary Education

The Secondary Education program sets the student on the path to become a fully certified middle or high school teacher. The program prepares graduates for a career teaching students in grades 7-12. Students explore the foundations of education in the United States as well as the mental, physical, and emotional development of adolescents. Students also focus on studying the subject that they wish to teach. Students observe master teachers at their craft in the middle and high school setting through field experiences.

The Secondary Education program is transferable to other four-year colleges and universities with Teacher Preparation programs that award state licensure and certification for teachers. Graduates with an associate degree in Secondary Education can continue on with the final two years of teacher preparation at a four-year university. The end result is an A.S. degree in Secondary Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Education that allows the graduate to become a fully licensed teacher. Requirements are prescribed and differ among four-year colleges and universities. It is imperative that you meet with an advisor.

Careers in Secondary Education include classroom teacher, subject area specialist, home-bound tutor, camp director, teacher's aide, and coach.

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