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Nursing & Allied Health

Paramedic Training

Paramedics are healthcare professionals who possess special knowledge and advanced skills in pre-hospital emergency medicine. They are the eyes, ears, and hands of the physician at the hospital, and as such, they render basic and advanced life support to patients at the scene of their injuries or illness, and continue while transporting these patients to the hospital. Paramedics are in radio contact with the physician at the hospital at all times. Paramedics are part of the rapidly expanding branch of the health care profession known as EMS (Emergency Medical Services).

Students who complete the Paramedic Training program may receive advanced placement credit hours toward the completion of an A. A. S. degree in either Management with a Health Services concentration or Fire Science Technology with an Emergency Medical Care concentration (EMC).

Program Packet

The program packet contains checklists, an admission application form, and all of the other materials needed to apply for program admission to your chosen program of study.

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Program Brochure

Program brochures provide detailed information about the program of study such as admission requirements, checklists, cost, required courses, career opportunities and more.

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