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U Do The Math

U Do the Math is a nationally recognized program that has been featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education in an article entitled, Introducing a Remedial Program that Actually Works. This program has been shown to close achievement gaps. By getting students to actually "Do the Math," and by providing students with the individual help they need to succeed, the program has shown that it is possible to improve student learning through a different approach.

U Do the Math also introduces innovative scheduling techniques to expand opportunities for students and reduce roadblocks to college completion. Take the time to peruse our list of distinguished speakers. These individuals have conducted workshops for colleges and universities as well as published articles in national journals. For schools about to embark upon course redesign, Chattanooga State offers course redesign services in a variety of delivery methods including speaking engagements, webcasts, campus visits and program reports.

We recommend a visit to your campus to speak to your math faculty, or a group from your campus may visit ours. Next, we provide feedback through reports to help your program succeed. John Squires, director of U Do the Math, is a nationally recognized expert in utilizing technology to improve student learning. For more information on U Do the Math, contact John Squires at (423) 697-3164 or send an email to

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