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Mathematics & Sciences


Physics is the study of matter, energy and the principles intertwining them. Students find physics to be fascinating, challenging, and continually changing due to cutting edge research discoveries. Students of physics require stamina and determination as well as intellectual vigor. Mathematics is the language of physics and many physics students are well served by choosing mathematics as a second area of concentration.

The Tennessee Transfer Path program makes it possible to transfer to any participating four-year institution to work towards a bachelor's degree.

Graduates with a bachelor's degree and beyond in physics are well prepared for employment in many science-heavy enterprises such as TVA, NASA, NOAA, NCAR, biophysics, health physics, engineering and the armed forces. Graduates also find rewarding opportunities as science and research coordinators for businesses, secondary and post-secondary teachers in any physical science field, government scientist as well as scientific advisors to various levels of government, science advisors for media programs, and serving on the US military science team.

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