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Mathematics & Sciences

Mathematics and Sciences


Students majoring in the sciences can take all the appropriate courses at Chattanooga State and receive an associates degree (A.S. or A.A.) before transferring to a four year institution to complete the bachelors degree.

Almost every major requires at least one college-level course in mathematics.  Most ChattState mathematics courses are transferrable to four-year colleges and universities.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) career pathways, the nation’s fastest growing fields, are the talk of the City of Chattanooga and beyond. To get started on the road to job security, great pay, and dependable work come get started by taking your science and mathematics courses at Chattanooga State.

2014 Community College Award Winners

Legacy Award

The winner of the first Community College Futures Assembly Legacy Award was announced today at the Lake Buena Vista, FL: Cleveland State Community College and Chattanooga State Community College’s joint program, Do the Math: Solving the Nation’s Math Problems. They were competitively selected from 10 finalists. Each of the finalists was a previous winner of the annual Bellwether Award demonstrating an outstanding and innovative program or practice. In the 20 years of the Community College Futures Assembly there have been more than 5,000 applicants, 500 finalists, 56 Bellwether winning programs and 1 Legacy award-winning program.


Mathematics & Sciences TTP's

TTP Student

Plan to transfer from ChattState to a four-year Tennessee college or university? Check out these Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP) programs.
Learn more about TTP's

Associate of Science
Work together with your advisor or counselor to establish an appropriate pathway for transfer.


nature arboretum

The BioBlitz at the Chattanooga Nature Center and Arboretum is an intensive 24-hour long survey of species present in the reserve. Experts on specific groups of organisms (plants, fungi, reptiles, birds, aquatic insects, etc.) comb the Arboretum and list every different organism they observe. In addition to documenting the flora and fauna of the area, the public is invited to ‘tag along’ and watch researchers work and participate in a variety of programs centering on biological diversity and conservation. The BioBlitz gives resource managers and public officials important information that drives decision making processes. Occasionally, an unexpected organism is found that extends its known range.


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