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Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Program at Chattanooga State consists of three different religious studies courses that may be taken for undergraduate credit. RELS 2030 (Religions of the World) is a very popular General Education course. RELS 2610 (Biblical Studies I) focuses on the Hebrew Scriptures (the Christian Old Testament) while RELS 2620 (Biblical Studies II) addresses the Christian New Testament. Although numerically sequential the courses may be taken separately or in any order. Although not a part of the Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP) program, students may pursue an Associates of Arts degree with a Religious Studies emphasis.

Students may choose between taking the Religious Studies courses in class or, if one's schedule necessitates it, online (RELS 2610 is typically offered only online). Depending on courses that are taken the student can expect to master the basics associated with a comparison and contrast of religions of the world or a detailed analysis and appreciation of the sacred scriptures of Judaism and Christianity. With the preceding foundation in hand, students may pursue several different options. Many students will choose to transfer to a secular four year institution where they can continue their education; other students have pursued advanced training from a Bible school, seminary, or theological institution.

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