The Spanish Club actively supports the Latino community in cooperation with organizations like La Plaza Comunitaria and La Paz by gathering food and other activities. In addition to participating in a variety of campus activities, the club sponsors a monthly Spanish film series and meets at local Mexican restaurants for a Conversation Table
  • Juan Alonso Santillana, Instructor
  • Dr. Katheryn Thompson
The Music Club is a group of Chattanooga State students who share a love of all kinds of music, with a special passion for classical, jazz, and theatre music. The group meets bi-weekly and participates and organizes a variety of events, including campus-wide student life activities, outreach concerts, opera nights, and excursions to professional music performances. Most recently, the group traveled together to see the opera La Traviata performed by the Atlanta Opera. Students do not need to be music majors to be a part of this energetic and exciting club.
The French Club enthusiastically takes part in activities on campus. Along with viewing French language films, the club hosts an annual picnic at the River Walk. Membership is open to all Chattanooga State students regardless of whether they are enrolled in foreign language classes or not.
  • Dr. Max Gartman
The drama club is comprised of Chattanooga State students who are interested in all aspects of theatre. They have presented plays for both young audiences and adults. The club meets monthly throughout the year and participates in campus-wide events such as Octoberfest and Fun in the Sun. They have sponsored an Arts Festival with performances, games, and food.
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