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Giving Scholarships Overview

How Scholarships Help Students

James L Catanzaro, Ph.D. A Message from the President of the College, Dr. James L. Catanzaro

Chattanooga State continues to have an incredible impact on our community. Our graduates move on to careers or to four-year institutions well-equipped to tackle the challenges ahead of them.

Many students receive scholarships to help them attain their educational goals. Scholarships available through the Chattanooga State Foundation often make the difference in a student's ability to complete college. As the state budget crisis intensifies and tuition increases, funding for scholarships becomes more critical.

Chattanooga State Foundation scholarships don't just appear. Organizations and individuals who see the potential of our students and for our community create them. We understand this at the College.

Though we receive some donations in the thousands of dollars, just as important are contributions we receive in the $25-to-$100 range.

Can you imagine the incredible opportunities we could offer students if every alum contributed to the Scholarship Fund? The impact on the Tennessee Valley would be phenomenal!

Donations for scholarships can be designated for specific academic areas or made to the general scholarship fund. This web site contains information about how to contribute and how to apply for a scholarship.

If you recall your experience at Chattanooga State as a time of learning, change and transformation, make a commitment today to bring that experience to others.

Scholarships are the lifeblood of education, and education unlocks the door to life's opportunities.

Archie Meyers Archie Meyers, Jr.
Chattanooga State Foundation

LeAndra Bean

LeAndra Bean

Radiologic Technology Student
Recipient of the Henry Rissling, Ruth Rissling Hague &
Martha Rissling Lattanzi Memorial Scholarship


Please make your donations payable to:
The Chattanooga State Foundation
4501 Amnicola Highway
Chattanooga, TN 37406
(423) 697-2630

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