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Welcome to ChattState!

Chattanooga State is nationally recognized for entrepreneurial initiatives, excellence in student support, curricular innovation, use of technology, and responsiveness to its community. Make the smart choice, Choose ChattState!

GET EDUCATED! Learn all about ChattState in "The Power of Achievement..."

Grads on the Move!

  • Wendy and Brandon Buckner
    Wendy and Brandon Buckner
    Wendy and Brandon Buckner started The Hot Chocolatier in 2008 along the North Shore area of downtown Chattanooga with artisan chocolates.
  • Malachi Nimmons
    Malachi Nimmons
    I have Off Broadway shows, commercials for Nickelodeon, Sony, and Capital One, and some television projects in the works.
  • Reagan
    Brad Reagan
    I am currently developing my studio practice and look forward to finding gallery representation both locally and beyond.
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