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Engineering Technology

Welding Engineering Technology

The Welding Engineering Technology concentration enables students to pursue careers in the high-growth welding industry and begin the path to attain a Certified Welding Inspector or Certified Robotic Arc Welding certificates. Students learn foundation concepts such as Welding Principles, Visual Inspection, Electrical fundamentals, and Metallurgy. The student then selects specialization tracks where he/she can also earn technical certificates.

In the Welding Processes track, students earn at least two certificates either in Advanced Shielded metal Arc Welding & Visual Inspection (SMAW), Advanced Gas metal Arc Welding/Flux Core Arc Welding & Visual Inspection (GMAW/FCAW), or Advanced Gas tungsten Arc Welding & Visual Inspection (GTAW).

Students earn the Welding Automation Certificate and the Advanced Welding Automation Certificate in the Welding Automation track. Each certificate is also available as a stand-alone credential.

Graduates in the Welding Engineering Technology concentration may find employment in the nuclear and power generation industries, automated manufacturing and automotive assembly industries, etc.

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