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Engineering Technology

Electrical and Instrumentation Systems

Graduates of the Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) and Mechanical Technology areas of emphasis will receive a broad range of knowledge and skills in industrial mechanics and electricity/electronics.


Skills & knowledge include:

  • Work independently in compliance with the relevant specifications and safety regulations
  • Coordinate work with other areas in the process chain and work as part of a team
  • Set up workstations, organize and check production and manufacturing processes
  • Communicate with internal and external customers in a way that is appropriate to the situation
  • Analyze and document maintenance and assembly work - taking into account company quality management systems
  • Fabricate structural components and subassemblies and assemble them to produce technical systems
  • Identify faults in technical systems, together with their causes, and document them
  • Overhaul technical systems
  • Retrofit machines and systems
  • Conduct maintenance work and inspections
  • Select testing procedures and equipment
  • Deliver technical systems and products to customers, and provide an introduction to using the plant
  • Ensure that the technical systems operate correctly
  • Monitor and extend electrical control components
  • Observe business processes and apply quality management principles in the field of use


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