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Our Clients

Top 10 of 2011
Company Type of Training
TVA Environmental, Health & Safety, PMP, Multi-craft
Propex Six Sigma in 3 Different Countries
Cleveland Motorcycle Motorcycle Safety
Thyssen-Krupp Lean, 5S. Ethics, Sexual Harassment, First-Aid, Cultural Awareness
Gestamp PLC, Forklift
SE TN Development Heavy Equipment, Welding
Invista Profiles
VW DDI Leadership, Value Streaming, PFMEA, Statistical Process Control, First-Aid, and more.
Dixie Employee Assessment
Ooltewah Manufacturing ISO



erlangerHamilton County Tennessee

Examples of Training

  • Alstom SAW (submerged arc) welding, TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding, 8 hour DOT, Confined Space, PLC Design Siemens D Series Programming, German Cultural Awareness, Technical Translation in German, Polish and French
  • Wrigley Math in the Workplace, Lubrication
  • Miller Industries "Miller U", a 16-week leadership development curriculum that includes planning, decision-making, team building, coaching and delegation.
  • Citizens State Bank
  • SMP
  • Suburban Supervisory Development
  • Astec, Heatec, and Roadtec Welding
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