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Women's Basketball Roster

2013 - 2014 Season
10 Tariana Carter G 5-7 Nashville, TN (US) Hillsboro Freshman
11 Amber Howard G 5-4 Chattanooga, TN (US) Baylor Sophomore
12 Araya Flemings G 5-6 Nashville, TN (US) Hillsboro Freshman
13 Autumn Blackwell SF 5-9 Dalton, GA (US) NW Whitefield Freshman
14 Juanita Montgomery G 5-3 Chattanooga, TN (US) Tyner Academy Freshman
20 Deja Jackson G 5-4 Atlanta, GA (US) Morrow Freshman
21 Nuqeilla Robinson PF 6-0 Chattanooga, TN (US) Howard Freshman
22 Cierra Gordon G 5-5 Warner Robins, GA (US) Warner Robins Sophomore
23 LaKendria Williams G 5-4 Bolivar, TN (US) Bolivar Sophomore
31 Shanice Blutcher PF 6-0 Birmingham, AL (US) Minor Freshman
32 Sydney Sims SF 5-9 Nashville, TN (US) Nashville School of the Arts/MLK Freshman
33 Jasmine Mailoto C 6-2 Pordenone, (Italy) Aviano Freshman
42 Simone Smith C 6-0 Augusta, GA (US) Laney Freshman
44 Daisha Eddy G 5-9 Columbia, SC (US) Keenan Freshman
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