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Establish a Fund

Endowed Scholarships

With a gift of $25,000 or more, a donor or group of donors may fund a named endowment scholarship to establish a legacy or honor someone. To speak with someone regarding starting a scholarship fund, please call 423-697-3359 or email

Endowed Program Funds

Endowments allow donors to make stable philanthropic investments with significant yearly returns that can guarantee support for the college and students into the future. With a gift of $25,000 or more, an endowment can be established to fund many types of programs.

Endowed Professorships, Chairs and Chairs of Excellence

You can help ensure Chattanooga State attracts and retains our best faculty. Donors are also welcome to establish endowed professorships and chairs in their own name or to honor another person. Such professorships and chairs help Chattanooga State attract and retain distinguished faculty and recognize outstanding teaching. Currently a $250,000 donation can establish a named endowed professorship, $500,000 to establish a named endowed chair, and $1,000,00 to establish a chair of excellence.

To speak with someone regarding starting a program fund, professorship, chair or chair of excellence, please call 423-697-2630 or email

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