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Dual Admission

Dual Admission Students

The goal of the Dual Admission program is to provide a seamless and guaranteed transition from Chattanooga State to four-year colleges in the state of Tennessee by providing one educational plan for earning both degrees.

What is a Dual Admission Partnership?

Dual Admission Partnerships (DAP) are specialized transfer agreements that guarantee admission to a particular four-year institution. The advantage of these partnerships is that students have direct access to both Chattanooga State's and the senior institution's advising services throughout their tenure in the program. Depending on which college you plan to transfer to, you may enjoy full use of their library, academic and computer labs, and career services prior to full admission. Students in the DAP may also attend sporting and cultural events on the senior institution's campus.

Are You Interested?

Students interested in applying for dual admission must complete an Intent to Participate form and submit this to your Chattanooga State advisor. In addition to the requisite application process for Chattanooga State, there may be additional paperwork to complete depending on the university to which you will transfer. You should contact your advisor at Chattanooga State for more information about the Dual Admission process.

Intent to Participate Forms

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