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Apply to Become a Student

The following are general steps for becoming a Chattanooga State student. Students applying for Tennessee College of Applied Technology should follow Tennessee College of Applied Technology's application process.

Step 1: Determine Your Student Type

Chattanooga State offers a wide variety of programs with a variety of different admission requirements. Please answer a few questions below to determine your student type.

Step 2: Print Your Checklist

Your admission requirements depend on your student type from Step 1. Print the checklist, below, that matches your student type. Your checklist explains the simple steps you need to complete to be admitted to Chattanooga State.

Step 3: Apply for Admission

Now that you know your application type and your requirements for admission (steps one and two), please read the following important announcements about finishing the application process:

We accepted applications online through August 18th, and are accepting applications in person now.  We ask that you visit a campus and speak with us because it can be challenging to finish an application file when classes are beginning so soon.  The best way to minimize your frustration is for us to take time together to review each requirement and answer every question.

Please visit one of the following Chattanooga State campuses to discuss your application with a representative.

  • Amnicola Highway – Main Campus
  • Dayton Site
  • Kimball Site
  • Sequatchie/Bledsoe Site
  • East Campus – Center for Education and Human Services

Be sure you have reviewed your checklist (from Step 2).  Bring any required documents with you when you visit, so we can process them and complete your file.

The most common issues preventing us from completing your admissions file are testing, tuition, transcripts, and immunizations.


If you have taken the ACT or SAT in the last three years, bring an official copy of your scores with you when you visit campus. Otherwise, if you are seeking a degree, you will need to take the COMPASS test. You will receive a ticket to take the COMPASS test after you submit your application.

If you have already completed a college-level English or math class, bring a copy of your transcript when you visit campus. Your previous college work may substitute for the COMPASS test.


Financial aid and loans can take weeks to process. Your tuition may be due before you will be able to receive any financial aid. Please consider whether you can pay tuition out-of-pocket until your financial aid or loan is processed. There are some options available, including a deferred payment plan. We will discuss your specific options when you visit campus.


New credential-seeking students must have their high school transcripts (or GED scores) and all previous college transcripts sent to Chattanooga State. It can take some time to contact schools and have transcripts delivered before classes start. Also, some schools charge fees to send transcripts. Please keep this expense in mind.


These requirements apply if you are planning to be a full-time student (12 or more credit hours; typically, four or more classes).

If you were born after 1956, you must provide proof of two doses of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) immunizations. If you graduated from a Tennessee high school in 1999 or after, this requirement is waived.

If you were born after 1979, you must also provide proof of two doses of the Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccine.

Bring your shot records with you when you visit campus.  If you do not have access to these records, then it may be challenging to get them in time for the beginning of the semester.

If you need multiple doses of these shots, you must get at least one dose before your classes begin. You can get the second shot later in the semester.

If shot records are a problem, you may consider taking fewer than 12 credit hours. Taking fewer than 12 hours means you are a part-time student and are exempt from the shot requirements.

Let’s Talk

We will discuss your options with you when you visit.  For example, some courses start later in the semester. Taking one of these courses gives you more time to complete your file before your class begins.

You should be proud of yourself for considering coming to college, and we will help you find a way to get started. What is most important to us is that you get off to a good start. Let’s talk, so we can make that good start a reality.

Special Note for Applicants for Online-Only Courses

If you are only taking classes online, please email to discuss your options. Please use “Online-Only Applicant” as your subject line for a quicker response.

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