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Business Testing Center

The Business Testing Center provides testing administration and proctoring for professional testing and certification. Its purpose is to serve the business community for their testing needs. It is located on the main campus of Chattanooga State Community College in the IMC Building, Room 122.

WorkKeys® (Career Readiness Certificate):

WorkKeys® is a national system of workplace skills measurement to improve the overall quality of the workplace. WorkKeys® was developed by ACT™, a nationally recognized leader in educational testing. ACT is best known for its college entrance exam, which measures potential to succeed in academics. Likewise, the WorkKeys® system shows potential to succeed in the business/working world.

  • When: Weekly
  • Costs: $50.for the CRC (Locating for Information, Applied Mathematics & Reading for Information)
  • Scheduling: To register for WorkKeys® to obtain the Career Readiness Certificate please call the ACT Business Testing Center at 697-2661.
  • Location: IMC Building, Room 122

Additional Information:

Register for tests at the following websites:

If you need information regarding a company or test not listed please call us at 697-2661.

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