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Teaching and Learning Academy

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The Chattanooga State Community College Teaching & Learning Academy (TLA) provides a forum for the scholarship of teaching and learning. The Academy sponsors open-discussion forums, professional development workshops and seminars to enhance the skills of the faculty.  TLA Workshop Resources


The Academy's central mission is to create a community of educators and learners who work together to improve their understanding of student learning, to share that understanding with others, and to enhance the learning environment.

New Faculty Seminar

The New Faculty Seminar is intended to provide new faculty with a detailed overview of the skills necessary to succeed at ChSCC. Topics include: faculty evaluation and development of a teaching portfolio, college policies and procedures for working with college support organizations (Advising, Computer and Network Services, Admissions and Records, Continuing Education, Athletic Department, Bookstore, Bursar's Office, Business Office, Child Development Center, Communicator, Financial Aid, Marketing, RODP, Center for Distributed Education, Faculty Senate, etc.), and strategies for excelling as a ChSCC community college faculty.

The seminar meets on the third Friday of each month (excluding December, May, June and July) discussions include instructional design and delivery methods, the use of learning technologies and quality instruction to class sections of varying size. Also, discussion topics may include managing difficult students, academic freedom, and professional ethics.

New Faculty Seminar

ChSCC eLearning & Mobilization

Mobilization Project


Faculty Resources


Teaching and Learning

Teaching Resource Links

TLA Advisory Board Members

  • Dr. Fannie Hewlett Provost and V-P for Academic Affairs
  • Cheryl Turner, N/AH,TLA co-chair
  • Donna Seagle, Director of Ed. Tech. & Design/Associate Professor,TLA co-chair
  • Ken Goldsmith, B&I,TLA secretary
  • Kathy Trotter, SBSC,TLA communications/web officer
  • Nora Burke, Computer Services
  • Leigh McGregor, B&I
  • Greg Bennett, EE
  • Andrea Sanders, HFA
  • Brian Hale, HFA
  • Shawn Brabham, HFA
  • Kathleen Puri, N/AH
  • April Crenshaw, M&S
  • Catherine Nightingale, M&S
  • Evelyn Mobley, M&S
  • Cinda Adams, SBSC
  • Jimmy Jones, TTC
  • Mosunmola George-Taylor, Dean M&S
  • David Stanislawski, Department Head M&S
  • John Haworth, Department Head SBSC
  • Eva Lewis, Associate V-President, IR&E
  • Teletha McJunkin, Director of Assessment and Planning,IR&E
  • Susan Jennings, Dean Library Sciences
  • Brittany T. Richardson, Coordinator of Library Instruction
  • Judy Lowe, Assistant VP, Center for Distributed Education
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